Porcelain Based Composite Product

10 Golden Advantages of Laminam

In addition to its color, touch and pattern, laminate offers many advantages simultaneously that make your life easier thanks to its superior material technology.

1.Revolutionary Dimensions Size:

1000x3000/1620x3240 mm 

Thickness:3.5/5/12 mm 

Weight:8.2/14.2 kg / m2

2.Frost Resistance

Resistant to frost on exterior surfaces via very low water absorption.


It is resistant to flames with its organic material-free structure and does not release smoke or harmful substances in case of a fire.

4. Hygienic

Thanks to its insoluble components, its usage is safe on the kitchen worktops, dining tables, etc. with which the food products come into contact.

5. Always preserves its colour as fresh as the day it was produced

It is resistant to UV rays. Even if exposed to harsh winter conditions and sun for a long time, the colors remain the same.


It is produced with completely natural materials and does not contain any harmful chemicals to the environment. Also it is recyclable.

7. Dirt-repellent

It is the first ceramic surface resistant to dirt and paint and is quite easy to clean compared to all other surface coatings.

8. Chemical Resistance

It is resistant to all chemicals used for cleaning and preserves its first day property without exposing any deformation.

9.Stiff, nonbreakable, inseparable.

It is resistant to bending, breaking and separation thanks to its superior material technology.


With its scratch resistance structure, it preserves its elegance and durability even under cleaning and intensive usage conditions.


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