Granite from Past to Present

Granite is a natural construction material formed by the combination of various minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica during the geological formation periods of the earth lasting millions of years. The texture structure formed by composition of these various minerals and the aesthetic appearance created by rich color scale and durability have made granite the hardest construction material sought throughout history.

Granite whose obtainment and processing were performed under very difficult conditions in ancient times has been able to be used as a solid, esthetic and prestigious construction material nowadays by processing it via advanced technology and advanced production techniques and producing it in desired sizes and forms in architectural projects.

As a long-lasting and durable construction material, granite allows all kinds of interior and exterior usage. Because it is the ridigest construction material in nature, granite does not have the disadvantages that may be encountered in other artificial materials.


Natural granite is hygienic, aesthetic, resistant to impacts of hard objects, always preserves its texture and color, is heatproof, fireproof, does not require periodic maintenance. It preserves the indoor climate of buildings and protects them from external factors.

Nowadays, natural materials are preferred in all fields. In construction materials also, artificial materials should be avoided and natural ones should be preferred just as the fabrics of our clothings are silk, linen, cotton or the usage of the same fabric in household linens, curtains and furnishing is healthier.


Kitchen Worktop and Vanity Top

Stairs and Risers

Windowsill, Doorsill, Baseboard 

Elevator and Door Jambs

Facade Coating

Floor Coverings


Column Coatings, Landscape Objects


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