In the ruins of the oldest civilizations in the history of humanity, it is possible to come across special objects made of natural stone, which offer very subtle clues about their civilizations and that period of history.

Cubic stones are grouped as follows according to their production methods.

Standard Cube Stones
It is produced by crushing six sides. Dimension tolerances are wide. It is divided into quality groups according to tolerance.

Cut Cube Stones
A- Cube stones with the desired surface treatment applied on the upper and lower surfaces of the machine. Four side edges can be produced by saw cutting or crushing.

B- Cube stones which are cut by four sides and machined by crushing the upper and lower surfaces.

Cube Stone Surface Treatment Options
Surface - Cut / Burned / Patina / Polished / Cracked
Substrate - Cut-Cracked
Side surfaces - Cut-Cracked

Jamb, handrail, etc. you design products; We produce granite blocks produced in our quarries by straight cutting, curved cutting with wire methods.

Standard Dimensions (cm)

Chamfered Groove (k / e / b) = 8/25 / 50-60

Channel (k / e / b) = 8/25 / 50-60

The blocks obtained from our quarries are cut in cutting machines and surface treatment is made according to demand and after being cut to desired sizes in sizing machines, they are packaged and presented to the market.

Surface Treatment
1 - Polished Surface
2 - Semi Polished / Honed Surface
3 - Patinato
4 - Burned Surface
5 - Burned Joint Opened
6 - Cracked Surface (Natural Appearance)
7 - Sandblasted Surface

Standard Dimensions (cm)
3 - 4 - 6 - 8

30x30 30x60 or height free
40x40 40x60 or height free

Surface Treatment
Different thickness and size plates can be produced according to the project.


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